Scott Hallett is no wallflower in the world of comics. You may have seen his work in the third volume of Image's Popgun anthology, the first volume of Ape Entertainment's Fablewood anthology or even in the comics he's made available on his website at

Hallett's use of sly eyes, coy smiles and colorful, big-yet-simple should be pleasing to fans of Dan Hipp and Paul Maybury. Their art certainly smacks of common energies.We were drawn to his contemplative Spider-Man and homage to NES cartridge blowing, which may touch you deep down inside when you see them for yourself. Additionally, he's tried his hand at ghosts, mech suits and Where the Wild Things Are.

Come for the manga-infused sensibilities and stay for Hallett's original character and monster designs. He's constantly experimenting with new things on his blog, so enjoy some highlights below and watch for more beautiful madness as he makes it in his feed.

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