IT'S HERE. The first "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" movie trailer is online now -- and after the jump -- and it's pretty much shoutout after shoutout from the graphic novels: Scott and Ramona meeting at the party, going on their first date in the snowstorm, talking evil exes on the bus -- and Scott getting the crap kicked out of him by everyone from Matthew Patel to Roxie.

The action is as visually cartoony in many places as the books themselves, with actual KAPOWs appearing on the screen over knuckle sandwiches, a level of faithfulness that we rarely see in comic book movie adaptations -- and frankly, wouldn't be appropriate in most comic book movie adaptations, but seems to suit "Scott" pretty perfectly. There's even a quick seven-way split screen of all the evil exes -- check it after the jump, and then read our shot by shot analysis of the trailer.

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