With the big announcement of the title and release date for "Scott Pilgrim v.6" on Friday and the twitter contests Oni Press ran on Saturday, it's been a pretty exciting weekend for Scott Pilgrim fans. Even so, it's hard to imagine that anyone was more excited than Adam WarRock, who dropped a five-minute rap called "I Gotta Believe!" on his website that recaps the entire series set to a hippity-hop beat this morning.Adam Warrock is probably better known as Euge, my co-host on the War Rocket Ajax podcas, which recently had "Scott Pilgrim" creator Bryan Lee O'Malley as a guest. Between podcasts, Euge has been working on "Adam WarRock and the Infinitum Watch," a comics-themed rap concept album, all the while dropping tracks on the website taking on subjects ranging from his favorite webcomics to public radio superstar Ira Glass.

And with "I Gotta Believe," he's gotten some attention too: Not only did our friends at Oni Press Twitter about it, but so did "Scott Pilgrim" movie director Edgar Wright and O'Malley himself. So give it a listen, and psyche yourself up for "Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour" through the magic... of song.