It takes one level of comics fandom to plot out locations from "DMZ" and "Freakangels" or set up an entire Google Map about "The Walking Dead." One reader who felt bad about missing "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" while it was filming in Toronto took things (and her camera) a step further, though, and amassed a collection of informatively captioned photographs documenting locations used by Bryan Lee O'Malley in his epic Oni Press series, "Scott Pilgrim."

Dundas Square, the Wychwood Branch of the Toronto Public Library and Second Cup can all be found in the "Scott Pilgrimage" gallery on mad5l5in5's Flickr account, complete with side-by-side comparisons of O'Malley's illustrations and the way the sites currently appear.

The lengths she went to and the accuracy with which O'Malley was able to depict Toronto's city blocks are both impressive. In fact, there may be a legion or two of Scott Pilgrim fans out there who would love to see something like this gallery compiled into a companion volume.

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