The upcoming Marvel toys from Hasbro were previewed at a Comic-Con panel where the announcements came fast and furious. Highlights included a Wisecrackin' Spider-Man who delivers snappy soundbites later in 2009, a Superhero Squad MODOK coming in 2010, Marvel Transformer Crossovers, an Invaders box set with original art by Joe Quesada, and the new toy line Handful of Heroes, which reminds me a little of those ubiquitous plastic toy soldiers -- but in different colors, and with superpowers.

They also featured the Marvel Legends: Fan Choice series, where three of the characters will be selected by fan votes. If you want to help choose the three fan favorite figure, head over to the poll here!

And if you missed the slideshow, you click through to view the best of the presentation online below -- including Con exclusives like the Mighty Muggs Wolverine with retractable claws!