Our partner Cinematical reported that at the press conference for Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr. said Rachel McAdams called Sherlock Holmes "a love story between Watson and Holmes." Downey explained, "Well, actually what it is ... it's circumstantial homosexuality." So, in case you were wondering if they'd played up the banter between the duo from the books, there you go. Fairly elementary.

That quote aside, Downey says the adaptation is extremely true to the source material. "My take is what the puritans would expect ... if the puritans know what they're talking about. He never wore a deerstalker cap, except like maybe once, for a second, except even then it was described differently. The long pipe was something that Gillette used so he didn't obscure his face on the stage. So we're not using any of those and we're staying true to the Doyle material."

That's not to say that Sherlock doesn't have his vices. In the books he would turn to cocaine when he was bored between cases. We asked producer Joel Silver if they were including that, given Downey's history, and he said, "Not really. But I mean, he does have ... issues." Then he gave us a wry smile and a wink. So who knows. Maybe he's addicted to something innocuous now. Like toffee.

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