Yesterday was the Twelfth Day of Christmas, which means the holiday season has officially come to an end. Sad to say, but you should have taken down all your decorations now --- and, should you be lucky enough to have a True Love in your life, figure out what to do with all these birds, drummers, pipers and maids a-milking. And if you printed out and built Chris Schweizer's elaborate papercraft Nativity scene, that can leave a hole your bookshelf.

But don't fret! Your home decor doesn't have to be Schweizer-free for long. He's cooked up another papercraft playset based on Sherlock Holmes, for year-round deductive fun.


Sherlock Holmes papercraft by Chris Schweizer


Admittedly, this particular batch of characters is based on The Blue Carbuncle, which is the Christmasiest of all Sherlock Holmes stories, but it's not like they're all gathered around a tree carving up a goose as big as a street urchin or anything. And as we all know, any season is the right season for lounging on the sofa.

The art is a few years old, dating back to 2013 and the start of Schweizer's long-running character-drawing project --- which has included a lot of Holmes stories, if you need additional characters to populate 221-B --- but the papercraft version is relatively new. And as January 6 was also Sherlock Holmes' birthday, Schweitzer has marked the occasion with a high-res downloadable PDF on Gumroad for whatever you'd like to pay, including as little as zero dollars.

To find out more, including the reference that was used for the floorplan (and why he deviated from it when necessary), check out Schweizer's Tumblr!


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