You know what manga fans love, in my anecdotal experience? Homoeroticism. You know who else loves homoeroticism? Sherlock fans. So it was only a matter of time until someone realized that the key to cashing in on all those fans at once could only be a Sherlock manga.

Today at the the ComicsPro retailers summit in Portland, Oregon, Titan Comics announced that it will publish an English-language translation of a manga adaptation of the Sherlock story A Study In Pink in June. This will mark the first time time the Japanese series has been made available in English and officially sold in the United States and United Kingdom.

Obviously, the manga is based on the popular BBC television series that stars Benedict "Doctor Strange" Cumberbatch and Martin "Bilbo Baggins" Freeman, and its stories draw directly from the show. The subtitle "A Study in Pink" suggests that the manga will be a direct adaptation of the first television episode.

The book features work by manga artist Jay, and the English-language release also features an extended page count, and covers and art by Alice X. Zhang, who has worked on the comics adaptations of Doctor Who and The Blacklist.

Sherlock's fourth season doesn't arrive on the BBC until 2017. For those keeping track, that's at least three years after the third season (although admittedly there was an semi-out-of-continuity special inbetween). So if you're a Sherlock fan looking for a fix, Titan Comics' manga is probably your best bet to make it through the year.


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