Along with their Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor titles, Titan has a fourth 'rotating' slot in their Doctor Who license which brings a new Doctor to the fore every few months. At San Diego Comic-Con the publisher announced that, following the conclusion of the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) series later this year, George Mann and Emma Vieceli will be the creative team for The Eighth Doctor.

This would be the Doctor portrayed by Paul McGann in the made-for-America TV movie designed to bring back Doctor Who --- and played by him again, more successfully, in a web short that bridged the gap between the Eighth Doctor and his successor, John Hurt's War Doctor.

The character is widely considered to be one of the more romantic and dashing entries in the Doctor's history, a slightly tragic figure who was too good for the Universe he ended up in. That makes Vieceli the perfect artist, considering her affinity for slightly roguish, swoonsome hunks. She's been working on various projects within the UK comics scene for years now, from Alex Rider adaptations (with writer Antony Johnston) to her own comics romance Breaks, with Malin Ryden.

Vieceli is joined by George Mann, a writer who knows Doctor Who very well indeed, having written several novels and stories featuring the character. I believe this will be his first time with the Eighth Doctor, as his previous stories focused on the War Doctor and Eleventh Doctor.

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor will begin in October. Alice X. Zhang will provide covers, as she did for previous Titan Doctor Who series.

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