Joe Haldeman's The Forever War was a groundbreaking science-fiction novel when originally published in 1974, merging high-concept science fiction with gripping social commentary. Next year, Titan Comics are reprinting and serializing the 1988 adaptation written by Haldeman himself, with art by the legendary Mavarno.

The Forever War tells the story of Earth's millennia long war with a race of aliens known as the Taurans, told from the perspective of one human soldier who survives and sees the entire war. Haldeman, a Vietnam veteran, based the the war itself on his own experiences, not only of combat, but of how a war affects a society and its ongoing perception of the war and its enemies.

The book was originally adapted to comics in 1988, originally published in Dutch as De Eeuwige Oorlog and was followed by a sequel trilogy titled A New Beginning. Titan's reprint of the series serializes the original volumes and come packed with bonus materials, including design elements from the series and multiple, brand-new covers for each issue.

Check out the rest of the covers below:


Forever_War_#1 Cover B Steve Kurth
Steve Kurth


Forever_War_#1 Cover C Marc Laming
Marc Laming


Forever_War_#1 Cover D Nick Percival
Nick Percival


Forever_War_#1 Cover E Adam Gorham
Adam Gorham


Here's the solicitation information:


Writer: Joe Haldeman
Artist: Marvano
FC - 32pp - £3.99 - On sale: February 15, 2017

The visionary Hugo and Nebula Award-winning SF tale by Joe Haldeman is beautifully realised in full color by the legendary artist Marvano. An epic SF war story spanning space and time, The Forever War explores one soldier's experience caught up in the brutal machinery of a war that reaches across the stars.

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