On sale now from Titan Comics is issue #1 of Everybody Loves Tank Girl, a new three-part miniseries drawn and co-written by Jim Mahfood with Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin. The series represents a dream come true for Mahfood, one of comics' most exciting and idiosyncratic artists and a diehard fan of Tank Girl and her co-creator Jamie Hewlett (who you may know best from his work as the visual force behind Gorillaz). In honor of the release of Everybody Loves Tank Girl #1, Mahfood put together this cute video explaining his fondness for the cult favorite ultra-violent, unspeakably vulgar, punk rock anti-heroine who sometimes has sex with a mutated kangaroo. This video does include some not-safe-for-work language.

And hey, if you haven't any idea who Tank Girl actually is or why she matters at all, we've also included Mahfood and Martin's helpful introductory story after the cut.

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Everybody Loves Tank Girl #1 is on sale now in finer comics shops like Meltdown in Los Angeles, California, where Mahfood will be on hand for the release party tonight. The book is also available digitally from comiXology.

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