Alan Martin & Jamie Hewlett’s iconic andd irreverent Tank Girl has undergone a sort of second coming in recent years thanks to Titan Comics, and that revival shows no sign of slowing down. Titan has announced a new miniseries titled Tank Girl: Gold due out this September by Martin and Brett Parson, which picks up right where the current series leaves off.

The new volume of Tank Girl sees the eponymous lead reeling from a loss at the end of the previous series Tank Girl: Two Girls, One Tank, an event that’s tempered somewhat by her accidental acquisition of billions of dollars in Nazi gold. Described by the publisher as “the Empire Strikes Back of the new Tank Girl trilogy,” the new series is sure to take the madness up at least several notches.

Check out the rest of the covers below:


Black Frog
Andrey Tkachenko
Lora Zombie
Brett Parson


Here are the solicitation details:

Tank Girl: Gold
WRITER: Alan Martin
ARTIST: Brett Parson
FC - 32pp - $3.99 - On sale: September 28

Picking up where the critically acclaimed hit series Two Girls One Tank left off - Tank Girl has lost one of her dearest friends, but inadvertently gained billions of dollars worth of Nazi Gold. What is she going to spend all that money on? Before we find out, her kangaroo boyfriend Booga must pay a penance by going right up THE FURRY ROAD. It's been swell, and the swelling isn't going down.

Cover A: Ashley Wood
Cover B: Black Frog
Cover C: Andrey Tkachenko
Cover D: Lora Zombie
Cover E: Brett Parson

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