There have been some big announcements for "Fables" writer Bill Willingham at Comic-Con, including the news that he'll begin writing the IDW comic "Angel" based on the "Buffy the Vampire" spinoff show in December, the new IDW fantasy series "Back Roads," and an original Vertigo graphic novel focusing on Bigby Wolf called "Fables: Werewolves in the Heartland." Vertigo has also been giving away its annual one-page "Fables" convention exclusive, except that this time fans at home won't be left out -- you can read it now online!

"In the past two years we've handed out one-page Fables comics at the San Diego show that were basically throwaway gag pages," said Willingham. "For the first time we decided to go the other way and do a serious, very dramatic Fables story, one that has far-reaching consequences for the series to follow," said This one-page comic hints at what the second hundred issues of Fables will all be about."

It's a compelling tease, with enigmatic prophesies about the futures of all of Bigby and Snow White's children, so click through for a larger image and read closely!

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