Marvel said it wouldn't be flooding fans with teaser images before it unveils its new line in Marvel Previews next month, but we all know those folks can't resist the drip-drip-drip of a good teaser campaign, so here we are! Less than 24 hours after the first teaser, a second image from artist David Marquez has been released that drops a whole bunch of hints about the future of the Marvel Universe, with characters from the X-Men, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Inhumans and even the Thunderbolts. If the first image was A-list, this one's a little less starry, but it may be a better indicator of some of the unexpected surprises that Marvel has in store.

Here's who's who in the second teaser, starting clockwise from top left:

  • Doctor Spectrum: The only survivor of a parallel world destroyed in an incursion, she fled to Earth 616. A version of the Squadron Supreme/Sinister character that is in turn based on DC's Green Lantern.
  • Rocket Raccoon: There will continue to be a Guardians of the Galaxy comic! Surpriiiise!
  • Hyperion: Another Squadron Supreme member, but this one, inspired by Superman, has been an Avenger for the past few months. He's also a survivor from an incursion-destroyed universe, but not the same one as Doctor Spectrum. Maybe we're looking at a collective of heroes made up entirely of refugees?
  • Iron Man: The same Iron Man from the other image. That's weird, right? Unless... are the two group shots going to end up merged together? Can all of these heroes be squeezed into one shot? (And is Iron Man skipping?)
  • Daredevil: In a darker costume that screams, 'Are you still watching Marvel's Daredevil?' Don't judge me, Netflix.
  • Doctor Strange: With a big ol' axe. It's entirely the wrong design for Odinson's axe, Jarnbjorn, so thankfully the big fella hasn't lost another giant weapon. It's also not Terrax's axe. It could be a tweak on the Executioner's Bloodaxe.
  • Old Man Logan: The elderly Wolverine from a world of gratuitous nastiness. Bleargh.
  • Star-Lord: Less than 12% of this image.
  • Wolverine: The mystery of who the new Wolverine might be seems to have been swiftly addressed here; that's surely Laura Kinney, X-23, aka one of the most likely candidates. Can't say I love that costume on her; the design looks better on a squat build.
  • Medusa: Queen of the Inhumans, dame of the hairball.
  • Inferno: The Human Torch of the Inhumans, not counting Human Torch, who is also joining the Inhumans.
  • Karnak: No, it doesn't look like him, but Marvel says it's him. That puts three Inhumans on this image, so they just edge out the Wolverines. Karnak died at the start of Inhumanity, but of course it didn't stick. Welcome back, Karnak.
  • The Thing: In a jumpsuit that matches Rocket Raccoon's, so Thing is probably heading into space. That's always worked out great for Ben Grimm in the past. If Thing is a Guardian, and Torch is an Inhuman, what's Sue's new gig? Defender? Champion? Power Packer?
  • Citizen V: The costumed hero best known as Baron Helmut Zemo's cover identity as leader of the Thunderbolts, but there have been other actually heroic Citizens V. None of them have been a major feature in the Marvel Universe for a while. Does this hint at a Thunderbolts revival?

Does this mark the last of the teasers? Ha ha ha ha ha. No.

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