No, Disney's Marvel acquisition didn't spill the spirit of 90's-style comics over into the House of Mouse's animated plans. If you happened to click into former "Gen¹³" artist J. Scott Campbell's deviantART portfolio in the last year, though, you easily could have jumped to such a conclusion.

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While other users were mashing up the innocent world of Sesame Street with Street Fighter, the co-creator of "Danger Girl" was readying a 2010 calendar of classic fairy tale ladies and giving them the Zenescope treatment. He only gave it the Zenescope treatment in spirit, however, since IDW published this collection of pin-ups in time for San Diego Comic-Con in 2009.

If you can still dig one up somewhere, you will find that it contains post-pubescent reincarnations of Ariel from "The Little Mermaid," Snow White, and Cinderella, all dolled up with clothing that was mostly just sort of colored into the lines of their silhouettes and superhumanly flexible backs that allow for 90-degree bendability.

If you're a Campbell enthusiast, you will definitely want to see the full range of princesses put to paper by the same man that first made Caitlin Fairchild's clothes burst apart and let Sarah Rainmaker warm up to her peers by bathing nudely in front of them. This time around, he even managed to make Sleeping Beauty's evil witch-stalker Maleficent look like a competitive candidate for a gentlemen's club job opening. See a smattering of Campbell's princesses after the jump.

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