We've seen a number of promotional efforts from Marvel over the past few weeks, but I must confess that the best of the bunch completely missed my radar sense last Friday. As usual, the crew behind "Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!" have managed to lovingly lampoon the House of Ideas' latest content with a special "Shadowland" promo that gets inside the heads of the series' stars.

New York City's heroes all have a stake in Daredevil's Hand-fueled takeover of Hell's Kitchen, but it's hard to tell which one wants to react to Manhattan's inner turmoil the most. Moon Knight's passion results in a mild breakdown, Iron Fist's monologue is marred by a lapse in meditation and Wolverine starts acting his age while attempting to give directions. In all the angsty kerfuffle poor Spider-Man can't even get a word in. It'd be a shame if it weren't hilarious.

Watch the chock-fulla' action figure promo after the jump.

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