Who says rap rock is dead? Between Stan Bush's rhyme-packed "The Touch" remake last summer and Marvel's brand new "Shadowland" music video, I'd say it's at least alive. Whether or not it's alive and well is up to you, though, true believer!

Performed by Guy Erez, David Ari Leon, Zoli Teglas and Raise, the "Take a Stand" track comes coupled with slightly animated ("motioncomicky" isn't a word, but that's kind of what's going down) "Shadowland" artwork by Billy Tan and others.

Listening to the tune may summon a memory or two of 2003's "Daredevil," which had a pretty rap rock heavy soundtrack. I'm not sure if that's intentional - mostly because Andy Diggle's storyline and its tie-ins seem to promise more fan satisfaction than the film that spawned Jennifer Garner's "Elektra" - but to each their own!

See what you think of the new music video after the jump.

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