Ever wanted to be drawn by Jill Thompson or Colleen Doran? Or get Julia Baritz to draw your mom as a superhero? And in the process help fund a documentary about the history of women in comics?

Well, here's your chance. Sequart, the organization that produced Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, The Image Revolution, and other comics-related documentaries has teamed with Respect! Films for a Kickstarter to produce a new film, She Makes Comics. Check out their video pitch and see some of the rewards after the jump.



For $1,500, backers can actually be drawn into a comics page that will be used in the film, to be drawn by either Jill Thompson or Colleen Doran. Editor (and current ComicsAlliance contributor) Janelle Asselin will review a comic and provide notes for one comic-creating contributor who throws in $500. For $175, you can get a drawing of your mom (or anyone else) as a superhero.

The film itself will be directed by filmmaker Marisa Stotter. Here's how the Kickstarter describes the project:

The documentary will mostly be an oral history told by the key figures themselves. It will feature interviews with significant female creators and executives from the major eras of comics history. The women who changed comics will be telling their stories in their own words. We will also feature insightful commentary from observers both inside and outside of the comics industry: experts, scholars, writers, artists, actors, filmmakers.

As of Thursday afternoon, the project had raised about $8,500 toward its $41,500 goal, with 28 days left to go. Though the team has conducted a few interviews already, it's still planning to travel to 10 more cities to interview 35 more people. Plus, there's 800 hours of editing to do.

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