If you haven't read "Abstraction" -- perhaps the most demented comic of the many demented comics by Japanese creator Shintaro Kago -- then you may wish to read it now, with the warning that it is totally NSFW, and one of the most twisted, bizarrely metafictional things you have probably ever seen.

Essentially, it begins as a normal comic that soon becomes wrapped around a three-dimensional object that rotates as the story continues. But soon, the characters start crawling in and out of their panels and into other ones, and suddenly there are giant heads and penises everywhere, people falling to their deaths by tripping out of frame, and girls making out with their own faces.

Go ahead, check it out.

Back? OK. Well, depending on your response to what your eyes have just swallowed, you may be interested to know the original art from the series is now on sale. Or you may want to run screaming from any mention of this comic, and never speak of it again. But if you're a collector willing to shell out hundreds for original pages, they could soon be on your walls, freaking out everyone you know.

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