TV: "The Walking Dead" AMC series -- whose pilot script got rave reviews -- has just been picked up for at least a six-episode run, and we are thrilled. Between this and the upcoming "Game of Thrones" series at HBO, the networks outside of ABC, NBC and CBS look like they're heading for a monopoly on our must-see TV. [Splash Page]

People With Too Much Money:
The world record for the most expensive comic ever has been broken yet again, as "Action Comics" #1 is purchased for $1.5 million. [Bleeding Cool]

Photos: Somehow I knew this day would come. President Obama wields the Sword of Omens: [Via Super Punch]

Movies: We're still a ways away from official shots of Chris Evans as Captain America, but one fan couldn't wait and has Photoshopped his own. Not bad:

More Movies: This is NOT the "Scott Pilgrim" trailer.

Cards: A "Magic: the Gathering" Photoshopping contest produces some entertaining results, including a tribute to Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. [Super Punch]

Comics Strips: Marvel Editor Nate Cosby adds more comic strips to his Twitpic collection, drawing every Daredevil story in one comic.

Manga: Shintaro Kago continues to be incredibly creepy and awesome.

More Manga: Yet another student gets suspended over a "Death Note." I understand it is less trendy and involves fewer shinigami, but if you just called them "shit lists" you'd be a lot less likely to end up with death threats on your permanent record. [ANN]

Censorship: "The Economist" asks legendary Nintendo game developer Shigeru Miyamoto whether video games are too violent, and he responds with a story about comics that may sound familiar: "I say all media have good aspects and bad aspects. The fact is that cartoons, manga, were regarded as something really bad for the young people in Japan. But I was raised by reading a lot of manga, and thanks to that kind of experience, I have my job, I have my career."

[via Journalista]