Warren Ellis recently solicited a list of awesome Etsy stuff from his readers, and while it was hella fun to browse, it was also as diverse as you'd imagine from Ellis fans -- running the gamut from steampunk to WTF and back again. I decided to get a little more specific, and went searching for the coolest handmade superhero products on the site. Here's what I found:

Wolverine Rubber Duckie

Wolverduckie, you're the one!

Handknit meerkat versions of your favorite DC characters, including Meer Katwoman.

Not an actual dress, though that would be amazing.

Onomatopoeias say it all.

Made with Superfriends printed fabric from the 70s.

The same vendor also has cufflinks for Green Lantern, Thor, the Fantastic Four, Flash, Spider-Man, the Dark Knight, the Silver Surfer and Wolverine. And probably more? There's a lot.

A pendant made from a repurposed Scrabble tile.

Know any cool products I should include in a future roundup? Let me know.

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