As part of Sideshow Collectibles' partnership with DC Comics, the company has just announced a new sixth-scale Green Lantern figure. Based on Hal Jordan, the original design is the latest addition to the company's growing Justice League line-up.

So far, Sideshow has produced figures for Superman, Batman (two variations), the Joker, Catwoman and Harley Quinn in its DC-inspired line of sixth-scale figures, but we've seen glimpses of the rest of the upcoming roster over the past few months. Green Lantern is the first new Justice League member to get the full reveal, and Sideshow's styled take is definitely true to the character.

While getting yet another interpretation of Hal Jordan might be a bit much for many longtime collectors and fans, he was a founding member of the original Justice League team. Would John Stewart have been a more interesting option? Sure; without a doubt. Perhaps we'll get one down the line if this series is successful enough to warrant it. Right now though, Hal Jordan is Sideshow's Green Lantern of sector 2814.

The head sculpt looks fairly solid, though it's a little stoic for Hal. The guy is anything but grim, and it would have been nice see maybe a smirk or slight smile. So far both the Batman and Superman have also had rather grim expressions, and we can only hope that future figures in the line aren't quite so serious and dour.

The costume is what really sets GL apart from his fellow JLA members. Where Superman's and Batman's suits were much more plain (read: not sparkling), Sideshow's costume for Hal has some shimmering green fabric for the relevant portions of his uniform. It does give the suit an air of being created by energy, and should look nice in a well-lighted display. The pattern on the costume looks nice, too, and gives the standard Green Lantern outfit some nice texture.

About the only qualm I have with the outfitting is the gloves. The white gauntlets look a bit too big and cumbersome. Then again, I don't know how else you bring that specific aspect to life outside of making the white part of the sleeve, which would probably look weird in real life as opposed to how normal it looks in the comics. If they had gone with a character like John that didn't wear gloves, that might have been better for the hand sculpts, but they didn't, and this is the dilemma Sideshow was left with.

Hal will come with a few different hands, including one that has a ring "powering up" for the first time (in the exclusive version). There's also a ring construct fist to fit over his right hand, a power battery and two additional feet for flying poses. Rather than being stuck flat-footed, these boots are angled to give the impression Hal is in the air. Sadly that also means there likely won't be any ankle articulation to create the poses on your own, but the rest of the body looks pretty poseable.

Green Lantern is available for pre-order now for $219.99 at Sideshow Collectibles, and is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2016.


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