Earth dealt with some hefty problems in comic books during the Silver Age, and luckily for modern-day readers, those exclamation-laden headlines have been preserved to demonstrate just how crazy a time it was to live in. During those simpler times, The Flash read the sports page, Superman stole 1,000 cops and Green Lantern made front-page stories by losing his ring.

All of these special editions and more have been cataloged over at the Dateline: SIlver Age blog, which is being run by its own ace team of reporters. Its stories cover everyday discoveries by scientists and all manner of crimes that baffled police. The archived shots of these papers have been pulled and cited there, just in case you don't have the extra dough to invest in your own stack of vintage "Strange Tales" and "The Flash" issues.

You particularly have to love the size of papers sold in Millie the Model's world, where her news comes on pages big enough to to cut dresses out of with multi-sentences headlines that take up the majority of the front page's real estate.

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