Sina Grace's autobiographical graphic novel Self-Obsessed will be adapted as a webseries, debuting on YouTube on March 22. Grace, best known as the artist of Lil' Depressed Boy and as the artist/co-writer of Burn The Orphanagewill star as himself in the series, alongside Buffy the Vampire Slayer alums Amber Benson and Adam Busch, and Comedy Bang Bang cast member Jon Gabrus. The webseries is directed by Grace's Orphange co-writer Daniel Freedman.

Released in 2015, the graphic novel Self-Obsessed weaves together a narrative built out old and new biographical comics --- in some cases, going back to childhood --- to tell a single story about Grace's life. The series will take a somewhat different tack, focusing on Grace as he suffers through personal and professional crises.

While comics creators getting involved in onscreen adaptations of their work is nothing new, the fact that Self-Obsessed is a webseries gives Grace and his collaborators a lot of freedom to experiment. Here's hoping it proves as arresting and interesting as Grace's original book.

You can view the trailer for the webseries below. Note that it contains strong language.



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