So have you heard about these X-Men characters? Apparently they're pretty popular, and they've been in the news lately thanks to their appearance in a new movie. But in all the places you've seen them, whether it's comics, the big screen or even commercials for breakfast biscuits, I can promise you that you've never seen Marvel's Merry Mutants like they're depicted in Brandon Bird's 'X-Mans' art show.

The idea behind it is amazingly simple: Each piece, curated by Bird and produced by artists like Tony Christopherson, Christopher Hastings, Sina Grace and more, is inspired by a page from an X-Men coloring book, presented alongside the finished piece. They're fantastic, and you can check out a few of my favorites below!


Grey's Anatomy by Amy Dixon


Portrait of the Gambler Remy LeBeau by Jamie O'Keefe


Just Enjoying my Coffee by Nick James


Magneto on Coffee by Christopher Hastings


Autumn Summers
by Brandon Bird


But it's Hot Outside
by Kelsy Abbott


Magic Man, Magic Land by John Larriva


All the Single Ladies by Sina Grace


For more information and to see more pretty amazing pieces, check out Bird's gallery online, but I will warn you: There is a piece by Dyna Moe of Cyclops where everything in the picture is made of snakes, and it is terrifying.