Earlier this month on Super Tuesday, Marvel announced an upcoming series titled Vote Loki, featuring the God of Mischief setting his sights on The White House --- although they did so without a creative team in place at that moment. Yesterday at the “All-New, All-Different Marvel” panel at C2E2, it was announced that Christopher Hastings and Langdon Foss will be the ones ushering in Loki’s presidential bid this June.

Hastings is probably best known for his decade-long webcomic The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, which is wrapping up later this year. He is currently writing Marvel’s The Unbelievable Gwen-Pool, and Langdon Foss was recently seen on last year’s Gwenpool Holiday Special.

In an interview over on CBR, Hastings explains that the original concept was that of Tom King, who is now a DC exclusive, and he was asked to pitch for the title by editor Wil Moss. There won’t, however, be any appearances from any of the real-life presidential candidates, be they Democrats or Republicans, as Vote Loki begins before nominations are finalized, but we expect the fictional presidential race to be almost as bizarre as the current real-world one.

Loki isn’t the first comic book character to make a bid for president, as DC’s Lex Luthor ran a successful campaign in 2000 and served almost a full-term until he went mad from kryptonite poisoning and donned a green and purple battle suit to wreck Metropolis. In the Marvel Universe in 2008, a fictionalized Stephen Colbert won the popular vote, but lost to Barack Obama in electoral votes.


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