Convention season is upon us once again, and with it a chance for comic artists to emerge from the cloister of their studios into the world at large, and revel in the well-deserved appreciation of their fans. One of the best ways for fans to show their appreciation is by commissioning original works of art featuring some of their favorite characters, and every convention produces a feast of amazing sketchbook commissions that deserve to be shared with a wider audience. With Sketchbook Spotlight, we're picking out some of the best.

Kevin Wada's glamorous renditions of heroes and villains have fast transformed him from an illustrator who enjoys making fan art to one of the most in-demand cover illustrators in the business --- and one of the most in-demand artists at conventions. Wada typically takes commissions before and during shows, and every piece he produces is breathtaking, so fans are advised to get their name down early. We asked Wada to be the first participant in our new Sketchbook Spotlight Q&A.

Comics Alliance: What's your favorite part of attending a convention?

Kevin Wada: Talking with fans and followers. I get so much energy and motivation and happiness from interacting with people. As a freelancer, you work in a lonely bubble cut off from the rest of the world mostly, and so having the chance to engage with other artists and creators and fans is so much fun. It really reinvigorates you (whilst simultaneously exhausting you).

CA: What are you most often asked to draw?

KW: I get lots of Shulkie, lots of Storm. I'll notice certain trends every once in awhile. Sometimes it's Medusa, sometimes Jubilee. Usually women looking fashionable and men looking sexy. I think I've cultivated a brand!


Beyonce as Storm, Kevin Wada
Beyonce as Storm, Kevin Wada


CA: What's the best or weirdest thing you've ever been asked to draw?

KW: Every once in awhile I get a fun and sexy male character request. I also got to so Beyonce as Storm, so there's that. Don't know if she's right for Storm but it ended up being a really fun image.

CA: Everyone draws Batman. How is your Batman?

KW: He is very pointy eared and sharp. Dramatic Tim Sale cape and lots of shadows, usually. I used to draw him a lot more than I do now. I might be rusty.


Batman 100, Kevin Wada
Batman 100, Kevin Wada


CA: If someone wants a commission from you, how should they go about it?

KW: For now, the only way to get a piece is to pick it up at a convention I will be attending. With a little luck, work will slow down enough for me to fulfill a few general requests. But time will tell...


Follow Kevin Wada on Tumblr or on Twitter to see more commissions and to find out which shows he's attending and accepting commissions for.

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