In an apparent effort to please the Chris Sims-level Punisher fans of the world, Marvel is sending Frank Castle to the stars once again this summer. Space: Punisher #1 arrives in July, kicking off an offworld story spanning four total issues by Frank Tieri (Marvel VS. Capcom 3) and Mark Texeira (Punisher, Punisher War Journal). Examiner got a look at the comic back in June at the Albuquerque Comic Expo, where Texeira stated that the project would contain 88 total painted pages. Plot details are sparse, but the not-in-mainstream-Marvel-continuity tale will apparently include appearances by other Marvel heroes and the Hulk. If the comic is anything like Mike Baron, Hugh Haynes and Jimmy Palmiotti's 1992 space tale, The Punisher: G-Force (in which he hijacked a space shuttle pursuing a crook who had escaped to a space station), consider our collective curiosity piqued. Take a look at Marvel's cover reveal, along with the pages from June after the jump.

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