Remember a decade ago when Spider-fandom's biggest cinematic concern was whether or not Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man webshooters would be mechanical or organic? No Bono songs, no deals with the devil, no The Mask-like dance numbers, just friggin' webs. Those were the dadburn days, amirite? In a more tumultuous 2011, it's refreshing to see Andrew Garfield's upcoming Spidey suit will likely make a controversy-free switch back to more comics-accurate (for the moment) mechanical webshooters. Last Night at the Golden Globe Awards, Gwen Stacy actress Emma Stone told MTV Splash Page that Garfield's webs will indeed come out of, "a device," which probably signals a more mechanical tomorrow. Feel your nostalgia sense tingling?Last week's Spidey costume reveal piqued its share of curiosity for coming equipped with what appear to be metallic discs on each wrist. While it's still possible that they're merely glove grommets or righteous cufflinks or something, they seem conspicuous enough to simply be what they appear to be. At any rate, I hope Hasbro makes the most of this glorious toy-making opportunity.

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