So this is just weird. A video has popped up online of an MMA style fight -- in a ring and in front of an audience, with announcers and everything -- between three guys dressed as Spider-Man, Batman and Robin. I have no idea who they are or where this takes place. All I can tell you for certain is that, for whatever reason, it was a two on one fight, with the Dynamic Duo taking on Spidey, but Spider-Man still manages to beat the hell out of both of them. Seriously, it's just weird.



It almost seems like Batman and Robin thought the whole thing was a big joke, but Spider-Man was not messing around. He straight up wrecks both of them, before eventually doing a Muhammad Ali style dance to mock a possibly concussed Batman after Robin left the ring in shame. Oh, and then the Riddler shows up to help concussed Batman. Did I mention this is weird?


[Via Deadspin]

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