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Here at ComicsAlliance, we rarely miss an opportunity to share a solid "Calvin and Hobbes" mashup. Sure, no one can really replicate the magic of Bill Watterson's work, but reverent parody always serves as a reminder of the strip's radness and unstoppable influence on modern pop culture. In the case of writer Mark Pellegrini and artist Timothy Lim's recently posted "Peter and Uncle Ben," the magic of childhood as presented by Calvin and his buddy Hobbes shines through even in a strip designed to point out the absurdity of "Spider-Man" comic book continuity.Casting Peter as Calvin, Uncle Ben as a Hobbes-like friend, Mary Jane as a Susie stand-in and Aunt May as Calvin's mother, the comic does a hilarious job of lampooning the most controversial story directions the Webslinger has faced over the past two decades or so.

Here's how Lim (aka ninjaink) sums up the strip on his DeviantArt page:

"To anyone who hasn't been reading Spider-Man recently... this summarizes basically everything that's happened in the last 5 years. Yes, it's ridiculous."

Click the image to enlarge:

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