Like it or not, the Spider-Man Broadway Musical "Turn Off the Dark" (and seriously, can anyone explain what that title means?) is definitely happening, but Marvel's Friendly Neighborhood Wall-Crawler has been inspiring Spider-themed dance routines and music videos well before the show's December debut. Granted, we've seen some...questionable Spider-moves already -- from the infamous/ridiculous dance routine we're all desperately trying to forget in "Spider-Man 3" to this classic web gem which still holds up in the funny department -- but these recently discovered Spidey-inspired dance routines just may top those in terms of absurdity and/or awesomeness.Kicking things off is a tap routine which one can only assume was a part of a dance recital here in the states or a featured act on an eastern European variety show (it's honestly hard to tell). Tip of the hat/shake of the fist to the boys at Topless Robot for bringing this to our attention.


Managed to make it all the way through the Spider-Shuffle? Well, let's see you how well you fare with DJ Ozma's "Spiderman" [sic] -- and quick note to Marvel, someone needs to introduce white-suited Spider-Man ASAP (but perhaps not so much the Japanese male-go-go dancer Spidey with crotch-thrust action). Be sure to click the above link for the official video, along with its live counterpart below:

And lastly, to cleanse your palate, a bit of tasteful and fun Spider-Swing. Lindy Hop is a swing dance, right? Or is it the Charleston? Spider-Man's duds are blurring all the lines!

We hope you're as inspired to Spider-boogie as we are. We make no apologies, readers -- if we had to watch them, so do you.

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