From the Justice League to the Outsiders, Batman's contributed his skills to the DC universe's finest teams (and really, isn't any team with Batman on it automatically the finest by default?). One team he hadn't joined? Superboy's mid '90s buddies The Ravers...that is, until now.

No, the Dark Knight hasn't really traveled back to 1996 to take orders from a clone with a bad undercut, but he certainly is raving. Like with any mission, Batman's equipped with the proper tools to achieve human perfection. His utility belt is stocked with light-emitting sticks (flashlights rather than glowsticks) and totally dope white gloves for maximum light manipulation. Best of all? Batman's apparently working to subvert his rival the Green Hornet by completely and utterly mislabeling his rave video as "The Green Hornet official trailer 2010." How d'ya like them apples Seth Rogen?

See the Caped Crusader's smooth trance moves after the jump.

(via Alan)

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