If there's one thing gamers have come to expect from Activision's Spider-Man titles, it's extra costumes. Not just the inherently different playable characters wearing different uniforms in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, but bonus variant costumes pulled straight from the comics. As revealed by Kotaku this trend will continue on yet another release as those who preorder Spider-Man: Edge of Time from GameStop will be granted a special code unlocking Spider-Man's four alter egos from the '98 "Identity Crisis" storyline that spawned Ricochet, Hornet, Prodigy and Dusk. X-Men: Destiny fans will also have an opportunity for preorder extras at GameStop with special Havok uniforms for all three of the game's potential protagonists.While it's unclear which versions of the Slingers (as they were later known when a teen team picked up Spidey's four extra alter egos) will be playable in which of the game's two time periods, it's nice to see them alive and well one way or another. Especially Hornet. Poor sunnuva gun. With any luck the costumes will provide more than just a new skin and contribute some of the Slingers' powers to the game, although that could just be wishful thinking.

It's also unknown what, if any, benefits gamers will pick up by sporting the Havok costumes in X-Men: Destiny. Looking kind of like a Tron: Legacy character is definitely a plus, though.

X-Men Destiny is due out in September while Spider-Man: Edge of Time is due out on October 25. Both will be available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and/or Nintendo 3DS.

See the upcoming bonus outfits for both games below:

[Via Kotaku]

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