It's not exactly election season, but thanks to BeaucoupKevin's latest blog post, I wish it were.

Want to know why? Because I could encourage others to do their civic duty Spider-Man style.

Yes, apparently he can vote. Or at least register to vote, which he does with great vigor in this 1992 PSA unearthed by the indomitable EverythingIsTerrible.

In the 30-second spot, Spider-Man espouses the virtues of taking part in democracy, going so far as to sign his name on a registration form. No, not Peter Parker, Spider-Man. You think he'd know better considering the numerous times he'd tried the stunt before with various contracts, only to find out his superhero identity is of dubious legal utility. Ah well, it's the message that counts.

As history shows us, Clinton won the 1992 American presidential election. Spidey must've voted for Perot or something because I can't recall the hero swinging in to save Clinton from the Chameleon at any point during his inauguration.

So remember, vote like Spider-Man - except not really, because you'll be committing fraud.

Watch the commercial after the jump...

Rock the vote? Or web the vote? You decide!

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