Today is Election Day here in the good ol' United States of America, and as you may have heard at some point in our three-year campaign cycle, that means that it's our civic duty to head out to the polls and cast our ballots. Truly, there is nothing more fundamentally American than exercising our right to vote.

And that got us thinking: Doesn't that mean that it would be even more American to have a vote about votes? We certainly think so, which is why today, we've set up a little poll so that you can vote on what you'd like to vote for -- the first ever ComicsAlliance MetaVote!We've selected ten hot-button topics that could be brought up for the grand Jason Todd-killing (and Marvel vs. DC/DC vs. Marvel battling) tradition of fan democracy, so select your favorite below! Keep in mind, though, that much like the vote you cast this morning for county coroner, none of this actually counts for anything:


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