If you ever need any proof that a) politics is a bizarre world unto itself and b) that we are living in exactly the kind of bizarre future world that the movies of the 1980s promised us, you need look no further than the race for State Senate in Maine. In one of the strangest political developments in recent memory, Democratic candidate Colleen Lachowicz has come under fire by the Maine Republican Party for her horrifying record of backstabbing, murder and even sorcery.

All of which Lachowicz has done while playing World of Warcraft.To back up their points, the Maine GOP has mailed out a truly hilarious flyer featuring a picture of Lachowicz's character, Santiaga, accompanied by quotes pulled from her comments at Daily Kos about how much she likes killing things (in the game). There's also a link to a site where they're collecting even more quotes, including gems like "I love poisoning and stabbing" (again, in a video game), one where she mentions she hasn't had time to play that much lately and misses her friends, and where she says that she hopes people of different political alignments can work together.

Obviously, it's pretty dangerous stuff.

Now, don't get me wrong: I think it's perfectly natural and understandable to question the decision-making skills of anyone who voluntarily plays World of Warcraft, but insinuating that someone is a violent menace to society because she plays an imaginary rogue in a video game is stretching things just a bit. I mean, she hasn't commented directly on the issue, but I don't think Lachowicz actually is a Level 85 Orc Assassination Rogue, and I have a strong suspicion that she would not vote for Santiaga. If Santiaga was real and somehow running for state senate, and not an imaginary character made up to play a game about killing monsters, I mean. Seriously, if you see Santiaga the Level 85 Orc Rogue on the ballot this November, I'm pretty sure everyone is going to be cool with you casting your vote for someone else.

The whole thing is bizarre, especially looking at it from the perspective of... let's just say "an enthusiastic hobbyist." The line about how Lachowicz has spent "hundreds of hours" playing WoW is particularly mystifying, because it's the sort of thing that only comes up as a reaction to comics and video games. You'd never hear someone claim that hundreds of hours of studying Hamlet means that you're two steps away from committing regicide, and it's pretty tough to argue that catching up on Breaking Bad would lead to a life of meth. And yet, the X-Men and World of Warcraft are apparently going to lead us down the path of anarchy.

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