We haven’t heard too much about Spider-Man: Homecoming apart from endless speculation about Zendaya’s character and tons of videos of Tom Holland’s parkour skills, but we know that Tony Stark will definitely make an appearance. He took Peter Parker under his wing in Captain America: Civil War, so he’s probably going to keep showing up in Peter’s life to see how his new protege is doing. And what’s a friendship with Tony Stark without a few very high-tech gifts? [If you want to go into Homecoming knowing as little as possible, now’s the time to turn back because there be SPOILERS ahead.]

There’s a good chance we’ll see the trailer for Homecoming by the end of the year, but Brazilian audiences at the CCXP 2016 convention got a surprise sneak-peek at some of the action. Marvel reporter Ryan Penagos tweeted about the footage fans got to see, and revealed that Spidey gets quite an upgrade for this movie from Stark himself. Plus, Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan is back!



Comic Book Movie also adds that there’s a shot of Spider-Man jumping off the Washington Monument, using the web wings to glide towards a menacing Vulture. Spidey usually sticks within the New York City limits, so this jaunt to D.C. is a pretty big departure from the comics, but the appearance of the classic web wings should soothe some fans’ worries.

The most obvious difference from the comics, though, is having Tony Stark give Peter all of his costume doodads, instead of Peter making them himself. Is it more realistic this way, or would we rather have a more self-sufficient, scrapping-everything-together-with-what-he-can-find Spidey? To be honest, I’d rather have a glider suit made by a billionaire genius than try to cobble one together myself. Stark probably knows a lot more about wind resistance than your average high schooler.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7, 2017, with a trailer on the way pretty soon (possibly attached to Rogue One).