The latest photo from the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming is dark — literally. As in, Tom Holland is hanging out (lurking?) in an alleyway, doing his best Daredevil impression, righteously looking down on injustice from atop a structure piled with boxes and making all of us feel very small in comparison. It’s like, a metaphor or something. Also it’s really just a cool photo with a nice shout-out to Holland’s stunt team.

Holland shared the shadowy set photo on Instagram:



Hard to believe that nerdy kid could look so intimidating, but that’s what we call “movie magic.” But seriously, it’s a great photo, and a nice way to end a week of fun news for Spider-Man: Homecoming: Just yesterday, we learned that Jon Favreau is reprising the role of Happy Hogan, joining fellow Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. in the new Spidey reboot; meanwhile, Hannibal Buress confirmed his role as Peter Parker’s “dumbass” (his words, not mine) gym teacher, and Holland shared a great set video showing off his parkour skills.

Spider-Man: Homecoming also stars Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, Zendaya as (rumor has it) Mary Jane Watson, Michael Keaton as The Vulture, Orange Is the New Black’s Michael Chernus as The Tinkerer and Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, with Donald Glover, Bokeem Woodbine, Martin Starr, The Nice Guys breakout Angourie Rice and Kenneth Choi.

The new reboot hits theaters on July 7, 2017.