It's been a long road of reveals on the way to next week's release of "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions." Fans waited for months for announcements on the various Spideys that populate the game's four worlds, the villains each would face, Dan Slott's story, the voice actors cast for each hero and the various bonus costumes that further flesh out Activision's already varied adventure. Now as the clock ticks forward, fans can get their closest look yet at the game as a whole with Gametrailers' launch trailer.The launch trailer focuses primarily on the core strength of each Spider-Man. Noir Spidey is about stealth, 2099 focuses on speed, Amazing demos agility (and lots of web-based attacks) and Ultimate Spider-Man pushes power in his symbiote suit. Additionally, fans get a good look at Mysterio, Sandman and a few other villains they've only had brief looks at up until this point, which drives home the fact that the game gives fans plenty of evildoers to kick in the face/fishbowl.

Though they only speak in brief snippets, Christopher Daniel Barnes (Noir), Dan Gilvezan (2099), Neil Patrick Harris (Amazing) and Josh Keaton (Ultimate) all seem to deliver appropriately diverse takes on the Webslinger, cementing the value of each of their previous experiences voicing the hero.

Watch the new launch trailer below: