Featuring four unique worlds inhabited by four very different Spider-Men, Activision's upcoming "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" is calling upon some veteran voice actors to emphasize just how different its "Amazing," "Noir," "2099" and "Ultimate" dimensions really are.

An official press release has announced that "Shattered Dimensions" will star Christopher Daniel Barnes (Noir), Dan Gilvezan (2099), Neil Patrick Harris (Amazing) and Josh Keaton (Ultimate) as the various versions of the Webslinger.

As pointed out by Joystiq, Harris voiced Spidey in MTV's "Spider-Man: The New Animated Series," Keaton played Peter Parker on the recently canceled "The Spectacular Spider-Man, Barnes (a personal favorite of mine) lent his voice to '94's "Spider-Man" animated series, and Gilvezan blazed the Webslinging voice actor trail in '81's "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends"

Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee will also play prominently into the game, reprising his narrator role from Activision's very first "Spider-Man" video game from 2000.[Via Joystiq]