Marvel's week-long puzzle teasing "The Year of Spider-Man is 2010" has finally been pieced together and it looks like there are a few surprises left after all.

So let's take into account what seems to be going down here. We've got some version of the Spider-man family assembled, Peter smooching Carlie, The Lizard and Kravenette (Ana) looking mean, Spider-Man looking haggard (or sleeping with his costume on), an unmasked Peter and a very bridal Mary Jane reaching out for each other and the big one...a creepy, green-eyed baby with some seemingly menacing robot hands up in its business.

There's a sideways dude who resembles Juggernaut obscured by the "20" in 2010. He's evil again, right?

What do all of these images mean for the new year? I have a few predictions, but they all involve pizza. Place your bets in the comments if you're feeling bold.

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