Early yesterday morning Marvel dropped a fairly intriguing teaser for 2010 entitled "The Year of Spider-Man is 2010."
The headline's corresponding image shows Spider-Man donned in his black costume, one of the Initiative's Scarlet Spiders in SM's old "Iron Spider" getup, Araña and Madame Web along with two scattered puzzle pieces that seem to don portions of Spider-Man's physique in his traditional red and blue duds.

Noticeably absent are the other members of the Spider-Man family. Spider-Woman, Arachne and Mattie Franklin (who was recently pummeled in the pages of "The Amazing Spider-Man") are all seemingly absent. What troubles me most is the lack of Spider-Ham, however.

In a stroke of weirdness, an odd bit of text popped up in one of my Spider-Man Google Alerts yesterday afternoon:

"Underestimating the burglars, Spider-Man is knocked unconscious, bound and thrown in an absolute-zero freezer. Waking after being frozen, Spider-Man finds himself in a post-apocalyptic future full of hostiles and strange beasts. ..."

The link in my Google Alert directed me to Marvel's news feed, but there was no additional information regarding the headline I received. Whether this was some weird fluke or an intentional tease/attempt at misdirection by Marvel is currently unknown (but I wouldn't put misdirection past those crafty folks).

Marvel's staying kind of cryptic for now, but keep your highly-expressive masked eyes open Spidey-style here for more details as they develop.

UPDATE: Oddness resolved: That description was straight up from Marvel's 1967 animated series episode listing (as our astute readers mentioned). I am grateful for your gentle prods in the right direction. Did you know that blogging at 4 a.m. can lead to paranoia, hallucinations and even false connections? Still, that episode would make a great comic...

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