We already know that "The Year of Spider-Man is 2010," but Marvel's ongoing teasers from the new year continue with a second puzzling image depicting Peter Parker reaching out for someone or something amid images from his past or potential future.

While my early interpretations of the coming year were insane at best, the new picture begs the question: Is Spider-Man's life being put back together, or only scattered further by a fate beyond his control?

He seems to be smooching a bespectacled MJ in the background, but I can't recall the super model donning corrective lenses much in the past. Is that an aging reunited couple? A different love? And what's the Lizard doing up in this joint? Questions man!

Let's try moving some pieces around in Photoshop and combining the image with the first image to see if they help form a better picture...

There's not much more to see, but a somber (beaten?) Spidey near the center could indicate some drama.

Stay tuned for even more Spider Sense stimuli.

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