Dean at Springfield Punx has outdone himself. As longstanding pop culture morphers, the blog's unleashed its share of comic book characters fit to mingle with Radioactive Man, but this past weekend's "Lost" mashup is a real triumph.

The Beat brought "The Losties" to our attention, pointing out its awesome ruinized version of The Simpson's 744 Evergreen Terrace abode. Season 6 viewers who are up to speed on current eps may be saddened by the inclusion (or lack thereof) of a few of their favorite characters, but I won't spoil the image with a crude Photoshop crossing out surviving cast member faces or something joyless like that. Instead, I'll maintain an air of mystery like the island itself...

If "Lost" isn't your cup of timeline tea, Springfield Punx is currently focusing on its "Christopher Nolan Bat Week," with completed versions of "The Dark Knight's" The Joker and Ra's al Ghul making the rounds thus far.

Now I'm just left to wonder how long it'll take me to stop referring to "Lost" as "The Losties."

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