Finding Closure: A Gallery of ‘Lost’ Art from Comics and Indie Artists
The widespread love of "Lost" among comics creators has been well documented, from Faith Erin Hicks' sketch work to Travis Pitts' Charlie Brown John Locke, and that love did not diminish leading up to last night's series finale on ABC. Even if the show's conclusion left the world with no more new episodes to look look forward to, it did leave us with at least one gallery's worth of tribu
‘LOST’ Comics from Webcomic Creators Kate Beaton & Nedroid [SPOILERS]
Here at ComicsAlliance, we're pretty addicted to the cliffhangers of the mythologically dense TV show "LOST," now in its last season, and we're not the only ones: Webcomic creators Kate Beaton ("Hark! A Vagrant") and Anthony Clark ("Nedroid") are also hooked, and they are channeling their obsession by making "LOST" comics...
Springfield Punx Renders ‘Lost’ Cast ‘The Simpsons’ Style
Dean at Springfield Punx has outdone himself. As longstanding pop culture morphers, the blog's unleashed its share of comic book characters fit to mingle with Radioactive Man, but this past weekend's "Lost" mashup is a real triumph. The Beat brought "The Losties" to our attention, pointing out its awesome ruinized version of The Simpson's 744 Evergreen Terrace abode... Read Mor
Charlie Brown Explains The Enigma Of John Locke From ‘Lost’
Leave it to Charlie Brown to address one of the single greatest mysteries of "Lost." Over the years, fans have come to know John Locke, the bald headed boar hunter and former paraplegic played expertly by Terry O'Quinn. Badass though he may seem, Locke slowly reveals himself to be a self-doubting and self-loathing man in desperate need of a purpose to believe in...
Graham Annable’s ‘Foggy Memories of LOST’ in Comics
Even though viewers have had a few episodes to get back into "Lost," the show's massive cast, multiple timelines and ongoing mysteriousness over the years has resulted in no shortage of curiosity-bordering-on-confusion. That's why comic creator Grahame Annable's insights into the series prove it's possible for fan memories to turn out as foggy as a certain, well-known island monster... R

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