In this, the final season of "Lost," fans are happy to milk every second of sentimentality wherever they can find it. Thanks to the talent of prolific cartoonist, animator and "The Book of Grickle" author Graham Annable, though, comic fans have a clear advantage in enjoying added insights into the show's continued mysteries - especially made up ones fueled by an imagined "Star Wars" crossover.

We've delighted in Annable's ongoing sketch series on Flickr and Twitter in the past, but this new line of themed drawings has the added value of foretelling an Ewok's demise in the belly of hungry castaways. Yub-nub-licious!

Furthermore, Annable demonstrates the hilarious results of character-specific pairings between folks like Sayid and Boba Fett, Benjamin Linus and Darth Vader and even Hurley and Jabba the Hutt.

But what am I doing making you read this, check out Annable's hilarious sketches yourself after the jump.

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