Last summer Graham Annable fans poured some time over he and Telltale Games' Puzzle Agent, a quirky clickable puzzle game that set the FBI's sole agent from the Puzzle Research Division into the icy heart of Scoggins, Minn. to solve the mystery of a closed eraser factory. While the title managed to infuse some Twin Peaks notes into Annable's Grickle flavored title, the ending left a lot of players (myself included) wanting. Why the murder? Why the mayhem? Why the creepy little whispering red garden gnome dudes? As teased by the game's new trailer from E3, we can finally get some answers -- along with more questions -- when Puzzle Agent 2 drops on June 30.Slated for release on PC, Mac and iOS devices, Puzzle Agent 2 recently secured nominations for both the "Best iPhone/iPad" Game and "Best Puzzle Game" categories for IGN's Best of E3 Awards. PC/Mac users who preorder the game can currently score both Puzzle Agent 1 and 2 simultaneously for $8.99 (and shoot the first game to a friend if they already own it). If you're feeling contesty, you can even enter to win the game for free by participating in a straightforward comic contest hosted over at the Telltalle games site. You guys know a thing or two about comics, right? Should be no sweat for you, then.

See the Puzzle Agent 2 trailer from E3 below:

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