Humor: Grickle artist Graham Annable imagines a more adult Finn and Jake's embarassment in "Awkward Time." [Grickle]

TV: Jerry Springer has managed to offend Bronies by with a recent casting call for his show, leading to fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic to band together against appearing on programs that may wish to ridicule their fandom. [Gawker]

Furnishings: There's a ceramic Totoro table lamp on the way from Shigaraki potters of Japan. It looks kind of like a pretzel, but it's really cute pottery with a bright LED inside. [ANN]

Art: The Comics Reporter points us all in the direction of James Stokoe's Tumblr and all its riches, including an unpublished story about his old apartment. [Orc Stain]

Anime: A new promo for the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime shows what Hirohiko Araki's characters will look like on TV come October. [Crunchyroll]

Toys: Hasbro has unveiled a new "Marvel The Avengers Movie Series Chitauri Cosmic Chariot Invasion Figure and Vehicle" at its online shop. Nice to see they've dropped the "Loki's Army" from packaging now that the movie is nearing its disc/digital release. [ToyArk]

Digital: Cognito Comics has released CIA: Operation Ajax, a new digital title for the iPad that uses motion graphics and other technology to tell a comic story on iTunes. [Operation Ajax]

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