Even though viewers have had a few episodes to get back into "Lost," the show's massive cast, multiple timelines and ongoing mysteriousness over the years has resulted in no shortage of curiosity-bordering-on-confusion. That's why comic creator Grahame Annable's insights into the series prove it's possible for fan memories to turn out as foggy as a certain, well-known island monster.

Annable's "Foggy Memories of Lost" image series on Flickr may not recap every season's key scenes with the accuracy newbies might need to join the season six fray, but they're certainly hilarious touchstones for up-to-date fans.

The art style mirrors that of Annable's upcoming "The Book of Grickle" from Dark Horse, along with his recent MySpace Dark Horse Presents tale "Love Note" that we debuted here at CA awhile back.

Check out his Lost images after the jump - but don't blame us if you can't stop screaming "WAaaa-ha-ha-ha-halllllt!" the rest of the day.Beat Ben

Oh Michael

Sawyer Has All The Stuff

Locke Down

Fake Beard Jack

Hurley Van

Charlie And Sun

Little Locke

Ben's Dad

Nose Bleeds

Desmond And Jack

Sweaty Locke

Boars Island

[Via io9]